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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your continued prayers! Ashley started her therapy sessions on Tuesday (8-24-10) of this week and I started work on Monday (08-23-10). Being at home has been a big adjustment for all of us. We are still trying to settle in and now with me away from the house all day, David and Adrian are caring for Ashley. Adrian will soon need to start looking for work to help us financially (Please pray on this). David is doing all the care for Ashley and Adrian helps him as well and keeps up with the house as much as he can. She has no home nurse since she no longer has the trache (thank you, God!) and we learned how to give her medications and feedings so we were told she may not qualify for a home nurse to care for her.

We are in the process of applying for a home provider so please pray that she gets approved. Returning to work has been a rollercoaster of emotional feelings for me. It is very hard to kiss Ashley every morning then leave the house then get to work and put it all behind me so that I can function at work. It has been good seeing everyone and I appreciate the hugs and words of encouragement but sometimes I feel I need to be at home with Ashley. She is like having a new baby again. You want to be there for all the first time moments. At the beginning we waited for her to open her big beautiful brown eyes (Thank you God!). Then we loved it when she started moving her legs and arms. Then it was beautiful to see her yawn so gracefully. Then she started turning her head and following us. Then she started following commands by taking deep breaths for the nurse and putting her lips together to give kisses. Then she started smiling and making noises with her voice. Then we heard her laugh this was awesome! Then she started saying "yes," "no," "mom," and "dad" very clearly; taking her first steps and walking.

I rush home during lunch to see her, eat, then tell her I have to leave again and that I will see her after work. She looks at me and nods her head okay. It has been hard for David to get Ashley up and ready for therapy every morning without me. We did everything together in San Antonio and helped each other so we could get her dressed and us dressed as well. David said she did well at her therapy sessions. It will take time for Ashley and the Therapist to get aquainted and move forward with her progress. I wish she could be going all week long like in San Antonio rather than three days out of the week. We trust in the Lord and his plan. Ashley sleeps very well at night. We are still working on getting her to swallow and talk more. Its seems that since she found out we were coming back home she started talking less and swallowing less also. Some late afternoons we take her outside to walk in the driveway. I have her walk fast to get her legs moving as they were doing in San Antonio. I am showing her how to bounce the basketball outside and she trys to follow it with her hands to keep it bouncing while she bends her knees as well. She holds the basketball with both her hands and gives it a light release throw to her sister. We had her kicking the ball also. She enjoys watching her favorite movies because we can hear her laugh out loud.

Alyssa gets her up to start dancing. She moves her feet side to side and her shoulders up and down. Unfortunately David has had to work on several things around the house as well. Two of the toilets were leaking, and the tredmill that he was going to have Ashley use for walking broke down. We were looking into getting her an exercising bike for in doors but the one that was on clearance was out of stock. Plus he and Adrian are trying to paint the front door because it really needed painting. The white had turned to black and was peeling off. Plus he wants to see how he can treat our yard because it is full of stickers. I had taken Ashley to walk on the grass to get her legs to adjust and balance on uneven ground but the stickers were getting on her shoes and socks so we had to go back to the drive way.

While Im in the kitchen and she sits in the living room, I call out to Ashley to raise her hands so I can see her. Even though I can see her from the kitchen, I do this to get her to exercise her arms on her own and she raises them up high. I miss my Ashley so much but I know that the Lord is re-creating her to where he needs her to be.

When God takes something from your grasp, He is not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to received something better.

Ashley is a child of God. He gave her breathe not just once but twice. As a human being and as her mother I hurt and cry everyday for my Ashley. I know that it wasn't her calling yet and the Lord has big plans for her. We will not let any "bad spirits" come between our family. The Lord is watching over all of us and everything we do in our life time on earth. We will all have to answer to him someday. So be good to one another, protect your families, pray and live the LORD'S way everyday and praise HIM for everything that you have because HE has blessed us.

Thank you love you all,
Lourdes Olivarez

God Bless and Have a Great Day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

ASHLEY'S Last Days at TIRR!

"God called the light 'day' and the darkness he called 'night'. And there was
evening, and there was morning...."Genesis 1:5 (NIV)
Dear Lord, when I push You to last place, I miss out on hearing Your voice.
When I keep going until I drop, I get all tangle up in my to-do list. I know that life is busy,
but help me to discern between what is important, and what is not. Reorganize my
life, and reveal true rest that only comes from You.
In Jesus' Name, Amen.
SLOW IT DOWN! God started with evening-a time of rest-and a day's productivity
resulted. We live in a culture where rest is often viewed in a negative light. When we
work, we work hard. When we play, we play hard. We know how to fill our time with e-mail,
activities, carpool, cleaning, aerobics, and our list of tasks. But do we know how to rest?
There are times that I have to slow it down and reconsider my priorities all over again. And
if physical rest or spiritual rest has been pushed to last place, I have to put it all on the
table and let The Boss help me sort through it so I can put "evening" back where it belongs.
July 9, 2011-Saturday
Ashley with Nate Lytle from Corpus Christi after the CLIMB Support
Group Session. You must see his story on UTube 2011
Nate Lytle.
July 9, 2011-Saturday
Ashley with Sara Kuhlman who suffered a TBI at the results
of a brutal assaulted attack she went thru a few years ago. She is a
BEAUTIFUL Sweet Miracle.
July 8, 2011-Friday
Ashley with two of her nurses.
Genez and Gery. Thank you ladies for your
attentive care and always with a great smile.
July 9, 2011-Saturday
Ashley with our Chaplain, Henrietta. Afer having a very hard
childhood, she is now a beautiful strong servant for our
LORD. Thank you for all your visits and words
July 8, 2011-Friday
Ashley with one of the Nurse Assistant
July 8, 2011-Friday
Ashley with the Wilson Family and Officer Davis. Jazmin Wilson and her
family from Louisiana were our roommates. We shared so many
laughs, tears, hugs, and supported each other everyday.
Miss you all and Thank you for EVERYTHING! Stay Strong Jazmin.
Your Beautiful!
July 8, 2011-Friday
Ashley with evening nurse BECKY. Awesome
and very caring. Always treated us like family.
Thank you so much for everything BECKY.
July 8, 2011-Friday
Ashley with her main doctor.
Dr. Tastard. Thank you for always
listening and answering all our questions
and making us feel very special.
July 8, 2011-Friday
Ashley with the GAINS Group Team Therapists
Cris and Amy. Thank you for always making it extra
special for Ashley. She really enjoyed your sessions.
July 8, 2011-Friday
Ashley with Student therapists Kent.
Thank you for Your great smile and
friendly welcome.
July 7, 2011-Thursday
Ashley ready for her last Aquatics session
with her new swim suit.
Always loved getting in the pool.
July 7, 2011-Thursday
Special Message on the wall in
the TIRR main GYM!
July 6, 2011-Wednesday
Ashley with her Speech Therapist Rachel.
Thank you for your ideas, support, always going out
of your way and getting us started at TIRR!
July 5, 2011-Tuesday
I used to always tell Ashley get up to go wash dishes and she would make this
face. Today I told her "Come on Ashley you need to get up
the dishes are waiting for you to wash them" and she make
her face again. I'm sure she is saying "Oh No no the dishes"!
July 5, 2011-Tuesday
Right after getting out of Aquatics Therapy. Danielle had warm blankets to
wrap her. A therapists passing by offered to take a picture
of us. Too CUTE!
July 4, 2011-Monday
Houston fireworks display that me & Ashley got to see from
our Hospital room. Beautiful!
July 4, 2011-Monday
Ashley grabbed the can and wanted that last drink of Sprite.
She surprises me everyday.
July 4 2011-Monday
Mom's all done! Ashley's nails are ready for the
4th of July. Nurses loved them!
July 3, 2011-Sunday
Taking a rest from coming and going from the
6th to the 3rd to the 5th floor
to wash and dry our clothes.

July 3, 2011-Sunday
Lunch is here and Ashley is ready to eat. How I had prayed for this
day when we could both eat together.
July 3, 2011-Sunday
Looking Pretty and Ready to attend
the Prayer Worship group.
July 2, 2011-Saturday
In the family room updating the blog.
July 3, 2011-Sunday
Ashley's Nails. I didn't think yellow would look good
on nails but these were great and very eye catching!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 30, 2011 Thursday

"Share each other's burdens..." Galatians 6:2a (NLT)

Dear Lord, we are grateful that there is no trench too deep, no place too dark that you can't reach us. It is because of You we are never alone. Thank You for Your care and faithful love. Help us to share in the burdens of another, and seek You in our greatest moments of need. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Hello Everyone, Today June 30th we got notified that Ashley's discharge date will be the 9th of July and she got approved for outpatient therapy here in Houston for about 4 to 5 weeks. This is very great news for her to have this opportunity to further her healing, learning and strengthening here in Houston before going home in early August. I pray that all goes well so that I may be able to go back to work on the 18th of July and David will stay with Ashley in Houston and take her to outpatient therapy. With me and David working it will be very difficult for us to have this opportunity again so we have been praying for the Lord to give us as much as possible and to keep opening doors for my Ashley and our Mighty Lord has been answering our prayers. We also thank the friends and family members that have donated to Ashley's healing benefit. We are in great need and you all have given to us and helped us so that we can continue moving forward with Ashley's healing. When I came to Houston, David had to go home to follow up with his doctor on his high blood pressure condition. Being in the hospital with Ashley was affecting his health condition. I don't know what I would do without my husband. We have met so many families that come to TIRR from very far away or other states that feel and say the same that we do "We Wish We had A TIRR back HOME!!!". Sometimes families are on a waiting list to get into TIRR and we may not get this opportunity again!! We look forward to going home and going back to work and seeing all our family and friends that have supported us from the beginning. I tell the families here that we have such a big group of family and friends back home that are constantly praying for Ashley and because of you all and your strong and faithful prayers Ashley is where she is at today. But we are not done, we don't know what lies ahead for us because The Lord is not Done! Please Keep Praying !!! Ashley still requires 24/7 supervision and full assistance with grooming, bathing, dressing, hygene, eating, safety awareness, short/long term memory, cognitive, motor planning, speech, etc. She is in good health and does not require any medications. Her Spirit is beautiful as well as her Smile. It's all in God's TIME and We Trust in HIM!! Love The Olivarez Family. PHIL. 4:13/P.U.S.H.

"As my ChildHood Girlfriend, Lupe Johnson in Turlock, California told me, Lulu Live By IT!!

(I Can Do All Things Thru JESUS CHRIST who Strengthens ME!! PHIL. 4:13)

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Big Doggy! Very friendly n well trained.

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Too CUTE!!

June 30, 2011-Thursday. "Woody" sitting pretty for the camera and waiting for his treat all dressed up for the 4th of July.

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Ashley gets a friendly paw shake from "Woody".

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Every Thursday Ashley gets a visit from a group of loveable and cute therapy dogs. Here Ashley is holding "Sassy".

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Im so proud of my Ashley she gives me such strength because she shines with the Lord's Love. I am so thankful for this opportunity, we have seen great progress. She loves to talk on the phone, dance, laugh, smile, says HI to everyone and puts a smile on their face. She is eating very well. NO MORE G-TUBE feedings!!. She is making great progress on dressing and putting on her socks and shoes.

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Ashley here is pushing the wheel cart full of hand weights. This was good for her legs, motion control, arm strength, determination to complete the task.

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Ashley got a SURPRISE visit from her good friend from back home, Tori Garza. Tori spent the day with Ashley and got see the great things and hard work Ashley is doing at each of her therapy sessions. Thank you Tori for Ashley's gift and your special time with Ashley. She was really excited to see a familiar face.

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Ashley is getting into the pool for aquatics. She really enjoys this session.

June 30, 2011-Thursday. Here is Ashley with Laura Garza a graduate student from the 2009 Edinburg High School class. We met Laura at Aquatics therapy and she is here at TIRR as she is continuing her studies to become a therapists. We were so excited to meet someone from back home. Good Luck to Laura! We know she will do a great job with everything she experienced and learned here at TIRR.

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011-Ashley continues to work hard!!

"Elisha said, 'Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don't ask for just a few.'" 2 Kings 4:3 (NIV 2011)

Dear Lord, forgive me for the times I've kept to myself, believing I have everything necessary to solve my problems. In doing so, I may have missed Your plan for meeting my needs through others. Help me to identify pride and submit it to You. Help me to have a humble and teachable spirit. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Repeatedly, God has called me to a place of greater interdependence with others. He's worked miracles in my life when I've humbly asked for prayer. He's broken down walls of distance when I've allowed people to see the real me. I've seen His hand move at the request of my godly friends.
It's now obvious to me God designed us to work together. We are pieces of the same puzzle, and life makes more sense when we are connected.
God often plans to meet my needs through others. Yet if I keep my problems to myself, I might hinder His plan to bless my friends and broadcast His faithfulness. I'm learning to deny the lies of a prideful spirit in exchange for a humble plea for help. I'm trading my fierce independence for God's plan of community.

June 29, 2011-Wednesday. After all the therapies its our time. So take Ashley for walks. Here we are the Green House watering the plants that other patients work on during the day.

June 29, 2011-Wednesday. Now they change it up and have her do the bed.

June 29, 2011-Wednesday. They interact other activities with one. Here she is working on leg strentgh, posture, extending, coordination, memory etc.

June 29, 2011-Wednesday. Ashley working her knees exercises during PT. Was able to stay for about 30 minutes. Great job BABY!!!

June 28, 2011-Tuesday. Me and Ashley off to do the laundry on the 3rd floor. She took the suit case from my hands and said I will take it MOM.

June 28, 2011-Tuesday. Ashley in the Aquatics therapy. Doing leg exercises. She cannot go under anymore! Look how her hair is all wet. She really had fun. I wish we had a pool back home. They told me this is great therapy for her.

June 28, 2011-Tuesday. Finally Ashley gets back into the pool!! She really enjoyed this. She got in the water and started walking around. She had several objects in the pool that she had to reach for. As I looked at her I noticed she walked to the corner and suddenly went underwater to reach and grab one of the rings at the bottom. She did it so naturally, went under and stood right back up. Of course I was surprised and happy and she had a big smile when the therapist told her not to go under again. Ashley I guess remembered what it felt like to be in the pool and naturally get her hair wet.

June 28, 2011-Tuesday. This painting is on the wall in the main gym. I read it everyday and look at all the people around me working so hard to make this message so TRUE!! One step, One jump is a huge accomplishment!! Talking about jumps, Ashley was able to get two small jumps. TINIESTS STRENGTHS FOR A GREAT PURPOSE. Imagine me seeing my Daughter struggle daily when she was once a powerful strong MVP athlete.

June 28, 2011-Tuesday. Ashley playing bowling with PT-Lisa. Ashley has to aligned the poles as to where the ball will best make contact with the pins. She had to take two to three large steps with the ball in her hands and stand still and extend to release and push off the ball. It's a Lot harder than it looks for someone with this injury but Ashley did IT!

June 27, 2011-Monday. After every therapy session the therapists write down the activities that were worked on in Ashley's Red Binder. This also contains a monthly calender which the therapists review the month, day, year, place etc. at every session to help her with her short term memory.

June 27, 2011-Monday. Ashley working with OT-Lisa pulling bands wrapped on a cup. Hands strenghtening.

June 27, 2011-Monday. Ashley now working on pushing marbles through a small opening in a container. This helps with strenthening her fingers and hands.

June 27, 2011-Monday. Ashley here is working with her Occupational Therapists Lisa. Ashley is working on her hand, wrists strengths while standing and keeping her posture. Ashley has to scoop up wooden pieces and transfer them to the next container. This was very hard and took some time for Ashley but at the end she did IT!! This will help her when she is also learning to feed, groom, brush her teeth etc.

June 27, 2011-Monday. Ashley is with her Speech Therapist Rachel. Doing money strategies.

June 26, 2011-Sunday. As we were in the room I went to the window and kneeled on the chair to look out the window and then Ashley walked over and got on her knees on the chair next to me and started looking outside as well. I started asking her to tell me the colors of the cars she saw outside as I took this picture because being on her knees was something Ashley could not do a month ago! Can't wait to see her join us kneeling at Mass back home. Right in front of her is Our Blessed Mother Mary holding the Rosary that David bought at the Gift Shop. It's BEAUTIFUL!!

June 26, 2011-Sunday. My beautiful Ashley. She has such a sweet heart and is always smiling. Going down the hall ways everyday everyone she passes either smiles, says hi, gives her a high five, hugs, stops to see her nails, and she always says thank you and wishes them a great day. In her eyes she sees no suffering, problems, pain or evil. Its all smiles, laughs and determined to work hard and does as the therapists ask. She is just a sweet heart with Angels all around her. She is always at PEACE.

June 25, 2011-Saturday. Ashley with Scotty Thompsom who is also a part of "THE CLIMB" group and who suffered an Anoxic Traumatic Brain Injury from a Heart Attack about four years ago. He came to TIRR and started his recovery and healing. He is currently driving and a retired CEO of a large company and now volunteers at TIRR. His picture in the back made the famous miracles wall at TIRR. This is him in his vacation home in Colorado after his recovery! He has been a great motivation for us and says Ashley is just a CUTIE!!

 June 25, 2011-Saturday
Steve and Ashley after "THE CLIMB" Support Group Meeting.

June 25, 2011-Saturday. Every Two Weeks the support group for Traumatic Brain Injury families get together at TIRR. We have met many beautiful families from everywhere who are currently at TIRR or former patients of TIRR. Trauma can come to YOU, anyone, unannouced and at anytime in our lives. We met Steve who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury a few years ago. He has a powerful story. He was not suppose to be alive today but he is and he is just about to finish his Masters and has a great talent on the piano. What has kept him going was his families & friends prayers and FAITH!!

Love The Olivarez Family. Phil 4:13